About Us

Our Strategic Priorites

As a consortium of facilities who desire to strengthen access to quality healthcare within our geography, HINK has five strategic priorities: 

  • Networking/ Education
  • Clinical Improvement
  • Performance Improvement
  • Shared Services
  • Professional Development

Our Leadership

The 2018 Executive Team: 

Todd Willert, FACHE, President

Community Health Care System

Randy Peterson, Vice-President

Stormont Vail Health

Kiley Floyd, Secretary/Treasurer
Nemaha Valley Community Hospital

Sarah Gideon, Executive Director

Our mission

  In an effort to improve the health status of the populations, we individually and collectively serve a consortium of area hospitals, in conjunction with our Boards of Directors, medical staffs and other community providers, have developed a network that fosters cooperation and coordination.  Our priority is to enhance the integration of health related services among consortium member communities while respecting local autonomy.  We shall work to enhance the cost effectiveness of member hospitals/providers by sharing services and/or expertise in such areas as clinical, support, administration and education.  We shall also strive to better integrate health related services among providers within our respective communities as well as on a regional basis.  The desired result is an infrastructure that will facilitate improvement of access, quality, health services and cost effectiveness.     

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Health Innovations Network of Kansas

1500 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, Kansas 66606, United States

(785) 354-6137